Encountered an Improper Argument

Very annoying error, this affects our project properties by disabling one of the profiles.
I dont think it has any adverse effects on editing / rendering our projects.
Fortunately there are only a few users being effected, well I guess that's Unfortunate for those affected.

Viewing Settings - Project Properties

Pressing Alt+ Enter will open the project properties dialogue panel, we may receive the error straight away
If not view each Project Format in turn.
The lower panel showing the Existing Project Profiles and should contain entries
If you find a panel empty (as image to right) then you have the error.

If all panels have profiles showing then you do not have a problem.

Instant Projects

The Improper Argument error is somehow associated in using Instant Projects
For me it occurs after using File - Export as Template, sometimes first attempt

When we first select Instant Projects the program updates the library, Updating Templates Database
There may also be a request to import templates from previous versions, as image.....

Fast Flicks is also associated with Instant Projects and may also be the trigger in causing the error.
I have to say I dont use Fast Flicks but still get this problem.

Boris Graffiti inserts templates to the Instant Projects library, the files/folders are saved here:-
C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Corel VideoStudio Pro\VSPTemplate
These files could have been created with earlier versions and may be a source for import.

Ok so the above details are what you may encounter, no specific cause has been identified
otherwise we would have a fix, I do have some suggestions in clearing the error by purging our files.

Removing the Improper Argument Error

The only way I know of to remove this error is either re-install the program or reset the program to its factory default.
Obviousley the later is a quicker option.

We also have to remove all Instant Project Templates folders, from all versions of Video Studio.

Some Instant Project Template files are saved to the VSPTemplate folder.
All Do-More template downloads may be saved / installed to here.

C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Corel VideoStudio Pro\VSPTemplate

Some may have been provided by earlier versions, I identified 16 Graffiti templates
I am unsure if that is relevant but removing these files do seem to clear the error?
I created a new folder called "My_VSPTemplate" as a backup folder, then simply moved all files.

We can see these templates from the instant projects library.


Earlier Versions of Video Studio

Earlier versions X6 for instance may have instant projects within the Custom pages.
These may import to X7 Instant projects, again seems to be linked to the error.
Remove all Custom Instant Projects from the library for all versions.


Resetting the program to its default installed state.

This provcess will reset the libraries, if you wish to retain those then we have to backup the libraries
Settings Library Manager will allow you to do this, first create a new folder on your desktop to hold the library files
Once we have re-set the program we can re-import the libraries.

I cannot be certain that re-importing the old libraries will reintroduce the error.

Resetting the program

This process is documented by Corel on their Knowledge Base, a simple process of deleting / renaming the folder 17.0............
Other Video Studio versions of course use their own folder.

You will find the folders located here:-
C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Ulead Systems\Corel VideoStudio Pro (x64)\17.0

The folder structure is "Hidden" by our operating systems, if we wish that option can be changed to "Show hidden files folders...."

How.....from any folder Documents would do, activate the menu then select
Tools-Folder Options - View Tab, as image to the right..........

However by inserting
in our Start Menu Search we will locate the Roaming folder.

Navigate to the appropriate Corel VideoStudio Pro folder, maybe (x64) folder -- rename the "17.0" to be "17.0_copy"

For 32 bit installations ..... C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Ulead Systems\Corel VideoStudio Pro\17.0

Running Video Studio will generate a new folder, launching with a new library.

Ok so that should remove that error, whether that is a perminant solution, I doubt it.

Hopefully Corel will provide a fix for those unfortunate few that suffer.
If you do not use Instant Projects then I doubt if you will see the error again.

I only wish I had a perminant solution, but a year on and i am still struggling to understand what is going on.

Any suggestions out there would be welcome.

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