Testing Chapter Points to retain their names.
Created a Smart Package to use on another pc having the same program version installed.
If 64 bit must be 64 bit

1 / Inserted video to timeline and Add chapters using Chapter Manager-gave chapters a name
Notice I used 00:00:00:00 as the Start chapter, otherwise would require naming later.
You can also view the green chapter markers at the top of the timelines.

2 / Share Create Disc - second window shows Chapters with names
from Currently Displayed Menu

3 / Back to first window to add two more Chapter points, five in all.

4 /Back to Gallery---Menu shows five chapters, the last two require names, I added names

5 / The Title Menu has one video, the menu is of little use so I have deselected Add Title Menu
from the Advanced Settings...Option only available when using one title video.
When the disc is played it will start with the chapter menu

6 / From the last page choose to create a Disc Image - when complete play using VLC Media Player

7 / Close the burner module and save the project, if you wish you can overwrite the existing project or use a new

8 / Re-boot the program and open project - notice chapter points on timeline
Share Create Disc to check chapter points - navigate to second window to view menu.
Note there is no Title Menu.
All Chapter Points and Names should be visible.