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From AVCHD Camcorder to Disc


There are two methods to burn a disc whether DVD or Bluray.

1 / Burn from the project files….
creating a disc from the project will allow the burner module to render the files to a compliant video file prior to converting the menu and burning the disc.
Completing the process in one go does seem the better option but can cause problems.

2 / Burn the disc from compliant video files -- recommended
After completing the project convert to a compliant video file, then using that file to burn the disc.

3 / Complete the project or projects
4 / Render the projects to new video files suitable to burn a disc, for Bluray we can choose AVCHD from the Share options.
      For DVD we can choose MPEG2, now I play the files to check quality.
5 / Start a new project - nothing in the timelines
6 / Share - Disc - Bluray/DVD
7 / from the opening page add video file, top left import icons, adding the files created in 4 above.
8 / Create your menus
9 / for DVD on the final page, choose to Create a Disc Image ISO file, Use VLC Media Player to play the file to check for quality.
      happy, burn the iso to disc using Tools - Burn from Disc Image.

10 / for Bluray on the final page choose to Create a Bluray Folder, I use Corels Win DVD Player to play the BDMV folder.
        happy with quality I use ImgBurn to burn the folder to disc.

11 / of course from 8 above we can simply use the program to burn a disc.
        the process should start with Convert Menu, as we have used the compliant video files no Convert Title is required.
        If we see the process start with Convert Title then some settings are incorrect.

Overall the above processes takes about the same time other than playing the files to check quality.

Title or Chapters menus explained.......
When we burn a disc we can choose to create a Title menu, Chapter menu or a combination.

Title Menu…..
When we open the burner module, each file we add here creates a link on the Main Menu (aka Title Menu)
Adding say 4 separate files will have a link for each showing on the Main Menu.
The Navigation Controls accessed via the cogwheel (lower left marked Project Settings) allow us to choose how the disc menu will react.
By default is set to "Auto repeat when playback ends", well if that's what you wish to do the disc will play forever.
Deselect Auto to activate playback options …..

Continue to play next clip, will play the selected Title to end of disc
Back to Menu, will return to Menu after playing the selected Title.
Please note the Navigation Controls affect the Title Menu only.

Chapter Menu.......
Returning to the first page where we imported our files we can add Chapter points to each Title
With a Title selected, Create Menu is ticked, choosing Add / Edit Chapter points will open the editor.
Note that Chapters can be created back on the edit timelines and will show when using the Chapter Menu editor.
Once chapters have been created we close the editor, navigate to the Next panel.
Below the preview screen shows Main Menu, the down arrow accesses the Chapter Menu
It is most likely that we have to re-name the chapters.

As mentioned earlier the Navigation Controls do not affect Chapters.
so selecting any Chapter will play all chapter to the end of the associated Title where Navigation Controls will be active.