~~Video Editing Techniques ~~ Quick Guides~~

From AVCHD Camcorder to Disc



The workflow for editing our video and burning a disc is quite straight forward and can be seperated into a few stages.

1 / Import our video to the computer

2 / Insert to Video Studio Timelines

3 / Editing the project can be a big task

4 / Share Create disc - opens the Burner Authoring module

5 / Use the project to burn a disc.

To burn a disc whether it be a DVD or Avchd / Bluray disc we have to create a suitable compliant video file.

That video file is used to burn our movie to disc.

Video Studio will automatically do that for us in the burner/authoring module, and for some users that process works.

Recomended work flow..............

Other users feel the need to control the processes, this allows us to check quality throughout our editing.

Ultimatley a good disc being burned, no more coasters.

Below are the additional steps to follow, I have to say the processes take tha same time to complete.
Other than taking the time to play our seperate stages to check quality.

1 / Import our video to the computer
2 / Insert to Video Studio Timelines, now we have a project, either DVD , Avchd or Bluray
3 / Editing the project again can be a big task......................
4 / Share Create Video File - here we select a template to create a compliant video file
suitable to burn our disc.
5 / We use one of our media players to check the quality of our video file, all is ok
6 / Start a new project
7 / Share Create disc - choosing DVD - Avchd or Bluray depending on your movie type.
8 / It is this first window where we add our video files to the burner module.
9 /Create our menu structure
10 /From the final window we can select a few burning options depending on the type of disc to be burned.
11/ We burn the disc , job done.