Import Video files from Camcorder to Computer

Some camcorders record the video to tape, the older Mini DV camcorders using DV-Avi
Some High Definition also record to tape, transferring the video is a matter of playing the tapes, capturing the video stream.

However most High Definition camcorders record the video to either memory cards or internal hard drives, its these types I wish to discuss.

I own a Panasonic 900 series camcorder, Which records to SD card
Connecting this to the computer via USB shows the camera as a removable drive.
I can also remove the SD card and connect via a card reader, again shows as a removable drive.

The folder structure created by the camera is similar to a Avchd or Bluray folder structure.
The Stream Folder contains the actual video files, I see MTS types files.

Using windows standard Copy and Paste keys I can transfer the files to my hard drive.

First I would create a folder on my computer to hold the files, this folder ultimately would be use as the working folder.
The Copy and Paste option uses the original file names which unfortunately are given the same names for different recordings.
Not to much of a problem as each card would be copied to different folders.


Using Video Studio to Import Digital Media.

Video Studio can also be used to transfer the video from the camera's memory cards using Import Digital Media.
Again connecting the SD card or camcorder to USB.
Using this method the files will be re-named to use a date format

example (140223_182204_IMPORT.mts)

The date is the actual recording date/time which can be useful, the downside is the length of file names.
Unfortunately there is no options to set our own file names.

Right click the timeline and choose Import Digital Media -will import to the timeline.
From File - Insert Media File to Library - Insert Digital Media will populate the library
Create a new library page before using this option.

Now you should see the Select Import Source Folder showing to the right

Navigate to the Stream folder and select -- press Ok

This window may display a list previously selected import folders, but should include the current Stream Folder
Select the folder and press Start to open the main import window shown below.

Here we can select the individual clips to import by placing a tick on the thumbnail.
If we require all clips to be imported there is an icon to do just that "Select all Clips"

To the bottom of the panel select our Working Folder, this is where the files will be saved.

Finally pressing Start Import will copy the files from the SD card to the working folder
and insert the a clip to the timeline or library.