Import Video files from DVD

Insert the disc into the CD/DVD Drive, Bluray Drives are also suitable.
Launch Video Studio, this will open using a new project.
Right click the top timeline and choose Insert Digital Media


Using Video Studio to Import Digital Media.

If this is the first time I have used the Import process I will see a panel similar to this.

I choose the Select Import option

Select Import Source Folders

Navigate this panel to locate and choose the Video_TS folder, then choose Ok to return to previous panel, simply select Start

Select DVD titles or chapters to import

This panel shows the individual Titles and Chapters contained on the disc.

Be a little patient as displaying the thumbnails may be a little slow, at least that is what i have found.

I find that selecting the Titles will import the entire movie, if I also select the Chapters duplicate files will be imported.

Select the thumbnails by selecting the tick symbol, easily missed?

The lower section shows the Working Folder, I select a folder as a save location for my files.

Note the Start Import will only be active after selecting at least one Title / Chapter

Press Start Import


Import Process

Here I can see the process importing to Video Studio, clips will then be added to the timeline.

A message to match the project properties may be seen as below