Instant Project using Corel X3 / X4

This option allows us to create a short "introduction" or indeed "endings" to our projects.
They use the samples images provided by Corel Video Studio, Using Corel X4 these are in the form of Placeholders.

It would be nice if we could select our own images in the first place.

We can however replace the images.

Ok lets get started selecting the Instant Project Icon opens a new window

I have selected to create a "slide show" and chosen this profile.

We can view the project in the preview screen then hit the Insert button.

The project is inserted to the main editing timeline

For X3 sample images are used, for X4 placeholder are used.
These need replacing using our own images.

Replacing the images can be a little tedious to say the least.
Right click the image and select Replace Clip
Navigate to your image folder and select the first image
Repeat for the remaining images. Forget what you have just read, There is a better way.

First insert your images to the library.

~~~~~Maybe an easier way~~~~~

Drag an Image to the timeline and hover over the clip to be replaced

Hold down the Ctrl key then drop the clip.
Repeat for other images.

To complete the editing any Titles may simply show as Video Studio

Replace with your own text.