Resetting Corel Video Studio

When do we use this option?
some suggestions..........
1 / Accessing the library causes an error, cannot find cause
2 / Program will not launch, try this before re-installing.
3 / Installed Ultimate Bonus pack, some filters do not show in library.

Resetting VideoStudio to default settings requires renaming or removing a specific folder under the User Profile.

This process also resets the program library, so re-importing your videos, images or music files may be necessary afterwards.
Although we can save the VideoStudio library: Providing the libraries are not corrupt.

• Click Settings
• Click Library Manager
• Click Export Library...
• Select a destination folder or create one
• Click the OK button

To Import the VideoStudio Library
• Click Settings
• Click Library Manager
• Click Import Library...
• Select the destination folder that holds the exported library information
• Click the OK button

First I would try resetting the library, assuming the program will run.

• Click Settings
• Click Library Manager
• Click Reset Library

Resetting the program
Please ensure that Corel VideoStudio is not running.

Locate this folder..........

The folder is hidden by windows.

1. On the keyboard, launch the Run box by pressing the Windows button then the letter R (Windows + R)

2. In the Open box, type %APPDATA% and press the enter key. Will locate the roaming folder.

3. In the new window, locate the Ulead Systems folder.

4. Open the "Corel VideoStudio Pro" folder for (32 Bit) or Corel VideoStudio Pro (x64)

5. Rename appropriate folder as image above


Running Video Studio will create a new folder.