Share to Create a Video File

I have completed my project editing, I am intending to burn a Bluray disc but first i need to create a suitable / compliant video file.
After selecting the Share tab the workstation changes to display the Share Options, a vertical row of icons gives the various choices.
At the top we have the Computer icon, this is used to convert our files into a new format.
The process to create a video file is usually called "render"

Across the top are the different video formats available to us. I am working with my Panasonic AVCHD files, these are Bluray compliant allowing me to use their properties for the render, that way I retain the original quality.

AVC/H.264 is selected as the required format, If i wish the profile can be modified to match my video files properties using the "+" (Create Custom Profile)

The properties panel shows details of the profile being used I always read these to make sure they are as expected.

Same as Project Settings
Same as First Video Clip

Top left of the panel we see two options, one to use "Same as Project Settings" the other "Same as First Video clip"

The first option relates to the Project Properties and if we have used the "Show Messages when inserting first Video Clip" then our Project properties will match our video file.
The latter is relating to the first clip on the top timeline of your project, assuming that is one of my files then the correct render properties can be used.

Again clearly showning within the lower panel are the properties that will be used to render the project.