Trim Markers Explained

Created using Video Studio X8

Although the main timeline is probably the place that most of us edit our video files the bar below the preview screen should not be dismissed.
The Bar containing the Trim Markers is a multifunctional tool that affects different conditions depending on the type of editing taking place. You'll find the bar immediately below the preview screen coloured white (X8)

What can it do................

1 / Project Playback Range identified by the orange line, shows when the range is set.
2 / Trimming Tool to remove the end frames from a video clip in the top timeline.
3 / Overlay Track~~ sets Direction/Style duration
4 / Text ~~ sets the effects durations on some types of animation.

Navigating the Trim Bar

The full bar represents the length of the selected clip, whether it be a single clip or project.
This can make "Navigation" difficult as it can be any length, one frame to hours.

Notice the cursor the small down arrow on the top of the blue bar.
You can drag the cursor to any position
Using the Home and End move the cursor accurately to the ends.
Using the digital clock allows you to move the cursor frame by frame.
Keyboard shortcut keys F and D will also nudge the cursor frame by frame.
Then there is always the Play Button.

Project Playback Range (the Dreaded OrangeLine)

Setting this will allow you to play the selected range in Project Playback.
This is Indicated by the orange line immediately above the timeline.
I must admit that this option is usually found by mistake, you'll be wondering how to get rid, but it can be useful.
You can drag the Trim Handles (small orange triangles) into position.
Using the Mark-In(F3) or Mark-Out(F4) or Square Brackets will position the Trim Handles to the cursor position.

This selection will allow you to play the projaet range or render the project range to a separate video or sound file, which can be selected from the Share panel. ( Create Preview Range Only )

To reset the preview range removing the orange bar---simply move the Trim Handles to the far right and left respectively.

Trimming Tool (Removing frames from the ends of clips)

Select a clip in the top track, the word clip will be shown adjacent to the start/play button.

To remove frames from the ends, play the clip, or position the cursor.
Using the digital clock to position the cursor is quite accurate.
Keyboard F and D will nudge cursor frame by frame

1 / Hitting the Mark-In, Mark-Out square bracket, (F3-F4) will re-positions of the Trim Handles
removing the end frames.

To remove frames from the middle of a clip…

2 /Use the scissors to cut the clip into sections, deleting the unwanted parts.

3 / Use the scissors to cut the clip ….then repeat part 1 above to trim the ends of separate clips

This trimming method would also works for audio clips.

Overlay Track Trim ~~Bar shows as Blue (setting direction and styles)

Select a clip in the overlay track.
Clips in the overlay track may have Direction/ Style applied, this a simple but effective animation.

Notice the blue bar is now shorter, by default in thirds, the blue section representing the Pause Duration.
The grey portions at either end represent the animation / fade duration.
Drag the trim handles, now being used as a Pause Duration to change the timings/durations.

Titles ~~ Text (set animation durations)

Some titles allow us to customise the animation.

Hit the two TT's for manual approach.
Cross Fade for example can have its durations modified by dragging the trim handles, again used as Pause Durations.
The grey sections being the animation-In and Out.

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