Working with widescreen using Video Studio
Is it really 16:9 Widescreen

Why does it look like 4:3 ?
Capturing Widescreen 16:9 or 4:3 things that go wrong.

When we capture to Video Studio using Mini-Dv to Dv Format the resultant file is Dv-Avi
The video data being copied / transferred from the cam-corder to the pc.

I know I am working with 16:9 widescreen, my camera is set to record this aspect.
My camera indicates 16:9 within its own preview screen.

Prior to capture the VS preview screen shows the video as Widescreen
The video looks in proportion, no distortion

Capture is complete and I hit the Edit tab.

What I see now is a little different, the preview screen shows as 4:3.
My video is squashed horizontally everything looks tall and thin.

Notice the curvature of the arches.

I view the Project Properties to find they indicate 4:3.
Strange as i had expected to see 16:9
I change the properties to 16:9
The video displays in the centre of the preview screen as 4:3, still distorted.
The background colour has been changed to 'White'
to identify the 16:9 actual frame

I check the video file properties to find they indicate 4:3.
What's gone wrong.
This is what i should be seeing......
I used the Distort option from the Attributes Tab to re-size the clips to widescreen.


The most likely explanation is I have used an old Mini-Dv tape.

Used previously to record 4:3. the tape has been re-used to record 16:9.
Well not every frame was re-recorded, in particular the first few.
One frame is all it takes, and at 1/25th of a second I am not able to identify it.

The first captured frame sets up a flag indicating to VS the aspect ratio.
Either 16:9 or 4:3.
VS sets this aspect for the full capture.
The first frame just happens to be 4:3 with the remainder 16:9
The whole of the captured video will be displayed by Video Studio as 4:3
This will distort the frame.

Fix the problem.........

I can use the Distort option from the Attributes Tab to re-size the clips to widescreen

I could capture to Split by Scene this option should over come the problem.

I could set the File Preferences-Capture tab to 'Press OK to Capture'
I then pre-roll the camera to a point beyond the first 4:3 frames.
and only then start capture.

I should use a dedicated tape for the different aspect ratios.

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