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The Default Standard Template using Video Studio 9 assumes that your video is one hour long.
Using a bit rate of 8000 kbps will produce a file approximately 4.3 Gb.

Video Studio 9
Share--Create Video File--Pal Dvd (4:3) shows the following template.

MPEG files
24 Bits, 720 x 576, 25 fps
Lower Field First
(DVD-PAL), 4:3
Video data rate: Variable (Max. 8000 kbps)
LPCM Audio, 48000 Hz, Stereo

Rendered the video using lower bit rates will reduce the file size.
This allows us to fit longer videos to a standard DVD.

The audio properties also contribute to the file size.
LPCM Audio using more memory than Mpeg Audio and Digital Dolby.

I decided to use a 6 minute video during the tests.
The following template was used throughout, changing only the Bit Rate and Audio.

MPEG files
24 Bits, 720 x 576, 25 fps
Lower Field First
(DVD-PAL), 4:3
Video data rate: 8000 kbps (constant or variable)
Audio data rate: 256 kbps
Dolby Digital Audio, 48 KHz, 2/0(L,R) or (LPCM)

Bit Rate
File size at 6 minutes
File size for one hour
Minutes per Disc
8000 Constant Digital Dolby
370,000 KB 3.7 Gb
70 Minutes
6000 Constant Digital Dolby
281,000 KB 2.81 Gb
91 Minutes
4000 Constant Digital Dolby
192,000 KB 1.92 Gb
134 Minutes
2500 Constant Digital Dolby
126,000 KB 1.26 Gb
204 Minutes
8000 Variable Digital Dolby
343,000 KB 3.43 Gb
75 Minutes
6000 Variable Digital Dolby
264,000 KB 2.64 Gb
98 Minutes
4000 Variable Digital Dolby
179,000 KB 1.79 Gb
144 Minutes
2500 Variable Digital Dolby
111,000 KB 1.11 Gb
232 Minutes
8000 Constant LPMC Audio
427,000KB 4.2 Gb
60 Minutes
6000 Constant LPMC Audio
338,000KB 3.38 Gb
76 Minutes
4000 Constant LPMC Audio
250,000KB 2.5 Gb
103 Minutes
2500 Constant LPCM Audio
183,000 KB 1.83 Gb
140 Minutes
Changing from Pal to Ntsc.
8000 Variable -Lpcm Audio
385,000 KB 3.85 Gb
67 Minutes

8000 Constant -Lpcm Audio

427,000 KB 4.27 Gb
60 Minutes

The times in the right column are the maximum you can achieve.
Keeping just below these figures will ensure you create a file under 4.3 Gb.
Enabling you to fit to disc without further rendering.

A guide to quality:-

Top quality dvd use 8000 kbps (up to 60 minutes)
Very good quality use 6000 kbps (up to 90 minutes)
VHS good quality use 4000 kbps (up to 120 minutes)

I find it best to create my own templates using 'Tools-Make Movie Manager'

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