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Use the Links on the Left to View the Guides

The sections contain info
rmation on various subjects. From Capture to the final DVD.

Although the site was created during the reign of VS 8, the working practices used in the later
versions has remained practically the same.
Any processes relating to a specific version being highlighted where possible.
Continuing updates to the site will bring the information in line with Video Studio 10.

Standard Project Properties and Video Properties are shown,
They are the ones I use and as far as I am aware are correct---they work for me---

Video Studio uses a file called a 'Video Studio Project' . (VSP)

When you open the Video Studio Editor you are looking at a project.
The project ( the VSP) contains all the edited information for your movie.

Once all the editing has been completed I render the project to a single video file.
This file should use the industries compliant settings suitable for creating a DVD.
No problems, Video Studio provides several standard templates.

The menu to the left shows several links, the first few describe the working procedure that I use.

Customizing Video Studio----Allows you to change some user defined settings.
Quick guide for Dv-Avi----------Caputring Dv-Avi via firewire
Quick Guide for Mpeg-----------Capturing Mpeg via firewire
Create a Video File----------------Share Stage
Burn a Disc--------------------------Share-Create Disc


Did you know.......
That pressing F1 opens the Video Studio Help Files

Did you know........
That when the first video clip is placed into the video timeline,
Video Studio changes the project properties to match. (well in most cases).
To stop or allow it doing that, check this box,
File Preferences-Show messages when inserting first video into timeline......

Did you know........
That you can use Shift Click to select multiple clips in the library or timelines......VS 8/9/10/11/12

Did you know........
That when working with animated titles you can click the two "TT" symbol to gain more options.

Did you know........
If you 'Double Click' a transition in the library,
the transition effect is inserted into the timeline in the next available space......

Did you know........
To view the video in full screen
Whilst playing the video from the timeline, double click the preview window.