My Quick Guide Dv-Avi
Capture,   Create Video File,   Burn a DVD

These notes assume you are using a Firewire connection
capturing from a Mini-Dv camcorder

Start a New Project:- 

  1 /    From Preferences (f6) select---Show messages when inserting first video clip in to the timeline.
  2 /    Select 'Capture Tab' (VS 8) and Capture Video VS 9/10
  3 /    Connect camera via Firewire connection (vs controls camera)
  4 /    Capture Folder---Allocate a capture folder, this is the same folder from File-Preferences
  5 /    Select 'DV' the from Format Box
  6 /    Select 'DV Type 1' from Options Cogwheel.

There are no other capture properties to select.
I believe this is the best method in capturing my footage.
The video data is copied / transferred to Video Studio.
No additional coding takes place.
What you have in the camera is what you get in Video Studio (DV-Avi)

  7 /    Capture Video ( one hour is about 13 Gb ) (DV-Avi)
  8 /    Stop capture
  9 /    Message appears ( do you want to change project settings to match video........)
 10 /   Select 'details' to view the Properties Panels.
 11 /   I select 'Yes' to confirm (project settings have now been changed to match the video footage)
 12 /   Video footage is loaded to timeline
 13 /   I save my project giving it a unique name.

You are now ready to edit your project, but where do we start.
As a general guide the tabs at the top run in sequence from left to right.
Starting with Capture to Edit, Effects, Overlay, Titles, Audio and finally Share.
Its not essential that you stick rigidly to this order, but it is a very good start.

Continue to edit your captured video to create your movie.
Specific editing techniques are not included in this tutorial.
You will find lots of information via the Corel Forum web site.

Ok I have finished the project and intend to burn a DVD.
In order to do this a compatible Mpeg 2 file is required.
These are the type of files needed to burn the DVD.

We have two options:-

First---Share Create Disc would seem to be the obvious solution. You are transported to the burner module where you create your menu's. On the final page we select to burn the disc. Video Studio will render the project to create a Mpeg 2 file (Convert Title) using the settings under the 'options' cogwheel'. we have to be prepared to set these manually.

Rendering in the burner module does work and the disc should burn successfully. Saying that some users have experienced problems using this process. And indeed if you do have trouble then the second option is highly recommended.

Second---using Share Create Video File we can create a Mpeg2 suitable for burning the DVD.
This file can be played using your pc's media player, check the quality, is there any further editing to complete.
Satisfied with the quality we can continue to burn a DVD.

Provided the length of the project is under 60 minutes we can use a standard template provided by Video Studio.

Create a Video File~~Mpeg

 1 /   From....Share....Create Video File.....
 2 /   If you intend to make a Dvd then choose (Pal Dvd or Ntsc Dvd)
        You also have the option to select the aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9
        This will use a standard template and create an Mpeg 2 File compatible for DVD burning.
        (up to one hour long.)

Pal Standard properties taken from VS 10

MPEG files
24 bits, 720 x 576, 25 fps
Lower Field First
(DVD-PAL), 4:3
Video data rate: Variable (Max. 8000 kbps)
LPCM Audio, 48000 Hz, Stereo

 3 /  Give the file a name and select a save location in the 'save in' box
        Press 'Save' the render process will create the new Mpeg 2 file.
       This process will take some time.

  4 /  Use this Dvd-Mpeg 2 file to burn a DVD..

For details on how to create a Mpeg 2 file suitable for burning a DVD greater than 60 minutes.

Create a Video File~~Avi
       (If you intend to export your movie back to your DV-camcorder)
       You will of course need a camcorder that has the option DV-In
       This will allow you to record the completed movie back to camera.
       By choosing Same as Project Settings.
       This will create a Dv-Avi File using the same settings as your capture/project settings.
       Remember our source files were DV-Avi.
       Select the thumbnail from the library, then Clip menu--Export--Dv Recording
       Remember to use a blank tape.
Burn a DVD

  1 /    Start a NEW project (It is best to create a project with the same settings as the Dvd Mpeg 2 file)
          This ensures that the aspect ratio is displayed for the menu structure.
          Earlier versions did not allow you to change this option in the burner module.
          VS will also reflect the properties under the 'Options Cogwheel'
  2 /    I  Insert the new Dvd Mpeg 2 File to the timeline.
  3 /    A message appears ( do you want to change project settings to match video........)
  4 /    I confirm Yes (project settings same as Dvd Mpeg 2 file)
          The burner module should reflect these properties and give the correct aspect for the menu's
  5 /    I delete the clip from the timeline.
  6 /    And save the project as 'My Burner Settings' (You now have an empty project)
  7 /    I check the Project Properties are correct File-Project Properties
  8 /    With the project open with no clips in the timelines.
  9 /    I go to Share 'Create Disc'
10 /   'Add' the Video file (Using the Dvd Mpeg 2 file made earlier)
11 /   I add menu's and create chapters as required
12 /   Navigation Controls, are how the DVD reacts to the menu structure.
          Select the 'Project Settings Cogwheel' lower left to change the options.
13 /   Then I am ready to burn the disc.

          VS 10 shows the warning 'This action will take some time to render'
           I select ok
          At this point the process starts to render / convert the menu structures.

          Rendering the main video file should not take place, I view the progress bar.
          If it indicates converting a menu then all is ok.

          If i see 'Convert Title' then the main Mpeg is being rendered.
          I cancel the process to check and correct my settings.

          There is another option that will force a Convert Title
          Normalize Audio, having checked this the main video files will be rendered
          to alter the sound levels of each file. Obviously increasing times to complete the burn.
          Take care to check the settings under the 'Options Cogwheel', these will be used to convert your titles.

          Saving the project and menu structure.
          On completion when 'Closing' the burner module I see a note indication 'Saving Project'
          A little ambiguous but you are returned to the edit timeline.
          It is here that you must 'Save' the project. File-Save.
          Opening the project at a later date will show an empty project.
          Share - Create Disc should display the burner module complete with menu.

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Last updated November 2009