~~~My Guide from Mpeg Capture to Burn~~~

The important thing is to maintain the same settings throughout the whole processes.

First I edit the capture properties using the settings below.
From Capture Tab / Capture Video / Options / Video and Audio Capture Property Settings...
Select Dvd then Advanced

bit rates of 8000kbps will make a DVD of approx one hour in length.
bit rates of 6000kbps will make a DVD of approx 90 mins in length.
bit rates of 4000kbps will make a DVD of approx 120 mins in length.
I adjust my settings to match the ones shown below.

Typical Capture Property Settings
for Pal system
Typical Capture Property Settings
for Ntsc system
MPEG Files
24 Bits, 720 x 576, 25.00 fps
Lower Field First
(DVD-PAL), 16:9
Video data rate: 6000 kbps
Audio data rate: 256 kbps
Dolby Digital Audio, 48.0 KHz, Stereo
MPEG files
24 bits, 720 x 480, 29.97 fps
Lower Field First
(DVD-NTSC), 16:9
Video data rate: 6000 kbps
LPCM Audio, 48000 Hz, Stereo

Field order for analogue capture would generally be Upper Field
Field order for digital capture would generally be Lower Field

~~~Capture Process~~~

 1/    I start a new project.
 2/    I select File-Preferences--'Show message whet inserting first video....'
 3/    I select the Capture tab.(VS8) and capture Video VS 9/10
 4/    I choose Format--DVD.
 5/    I select the 'Options Cog wheel'.--'Video and Audio Capture Properties Settings'
 6/    I choose 'Advanced'-- Modify my settings to match as above---I click ok.
 7/    I can view the capture settings below the preview window under Information.
 8/    From the capture folder box I select a new folder dedicated to this project.
        Which is the same as My Working Folder--File Preferences.
 9/    I capture my footage, when complete, video footage is loaded to the timeline
        Now an info window prompts me to change the project settings. I select 'Yes'.
10/  The project properties now match the captured clip.
11/  I save the project.

You can now continue to edit your captured video.
Using all your talent and artistic skills create your movie.

~~~Important~~After Editing~~Create a Video File~~~

 1/   From....Share....Create Video File
 2/   Choose 'Same as First Video Clip'
 3/   I choose a name and location and save the file.
       Known as 'rendering' this process will take some time to complete
 4/   A DVD-Mpeg 2 file of the completed project has been saved to my hard drive.
       I use Power DVD to view the movie and check the quality.

~~~Burn a Dvd~~~

 1/    I start a NEW project
 2/    I insert the new Dvd-Mpeg 2 file to the timeline
 3/    A message appears ( do you want to change project settings to match video........)
 4/    I confirm Yes (project settings same as Dvd-Mpeg 2 file)
 5/    I now delete the clip from the timeline.
 6/    I save the project as 'My Burner Settings' (I now have an empty project)
 7/    I check that File--Project Properties now match the video file properties.
 8/    With the project open with no clips in the timelines.
 9/    I go to Share 'Create Disc'
         The burner module uses the project settings.
         These are the same as the Dvd-Mpeg 2 file.   
10/   I click 'Add Video' and choose the file made above.
11/   I add menu's and chapters as required.
12/   From the final burner window I have several burn options.
        I select 'record to disc' and 'Output' , the burn process starts.

VS 10 shows the warning 'This action will take some time to render'
Earlier versions should not show this warning.
I select ok
At this point the process starts to render / convert the menu structures.

Rendering the main video file should not take place, I view the progress bar.
If it indicates converting a menu then all is ok.

If i see 'Convert Title' then the main Mpeg is being rendered.
I cancel the process to check and correct my settings. 

There is another option that will force a Convert Title
Normalize Audio, having checked this the main video files will be rendered to alter the sound levels of each file. Obviously increasing times to complete the burn.
Take care to check the settings under the 'Options' cogwheel, these will be used to convert your titles.

Saving the project and menu structure.
On completion when 'Closing' the burner module I see a note indication 'Saving Project'
A little ambiguous but you are returned to the edit timeline.
It is here that you must 'Save' the project. File-Save.
Opening the project at a later date will show an empty project.
Share - Create Disc should display the burner module complete with menu.

~~~Additional Burner Options~~~

Record to Disc......Place a recordable DVD in the burner draw and press Output.

Create DVD Folders......Select this option to create a DVD Video_TS folder. A complete copy of the movie that can be viewed on the pc. I use Power Dvd. The TS folder can be burned to DVD using third party software, Nero for instance.

Create Disc Image......Select this option to create a Disc Image (ISO Files) again a complete copy.
Use the VCD DVD Disc Image Recorder to burn your disc's..
Start / Programs / Ulead Video Studio / VCD DVD Disc Image Recorder.

The Iso files have the same content as the DVD Folder but are contained in a Zip File.
I do not think you can play these files direct from the Iso folder.
The files can be extracted using win rar, and then played.

Output Advanced Settings
A personal folder can be burned to disc.
This can contain any of your files.
Select the information/options icon-More Settings for Burning (VS 9 -10)

Add a dvd player, (VS8 only) (Output Advanced Settings)
this option saves the Ulead DVD Player to disc allowing you to play the disc using Ulead.

Disc Burner
Recording Speed
It has always been recommended to select the slowest speed for burning video.

Last Updated November 2009