~~~Moving Road Map~~~

A simple solution:-

To make a moving road map effect, you need two identical images of your map.

One of the images needs a coloured line to represent your journey.
This line was created by using an image editor.
On this occasion I used Adobe Photoshop, but I am sure that any editor is capable.
Once you have created the two 'map images' the hard part is over.

Using Video Studio place both images in the timeline, the second image having the coloured trace.
The effect seems to work best when all images and the transition are the same duration

Use the Wipe / Slide transition

The effect works best when the journey is in the same direction. North / South. East / West etc.
The transition effect can be altered to slide in different directions.

Try it for yourself.

Right click the sample images and Save Picture As
Insert Sample 1 and 2 to the Video Studio timeline
Set the duration to 10 seconds
Using the wipe / slide transition at 10 seconds
Set the direction--right to left.
Play the project

Sample 1

Sample 2

Play sample Movie

It is of course possible to change direction.
A little more editing is required.

For each direction, use the process above. Using two maps for each., one containing the coloured line.
The wipe / slide transition direction is changed as required.

Render the effects to Dv-Avi. We now have two videos,
Each video may require trimming.
Use the Scissors to cut at the change direction point, delete the unwanted section, render to Dv-Avi.

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